Who is Lisa Kerr?

Hello Gorgeous!

I am Lisa Kerr, a woman, a Mother of two beautiful girls and a wife.

I am a fashion lover and I’m not afraid of a splash of color. For me it’s all in the details. I am inspired by beauty in all shapes and forms. I am inspired by good quality in both style and fabric. I am inspired by design, print and a touch of frivolity.

My clothing and accessories are designed to make you feel good and be the absolute best version of you.

I am a “plus-size” woman. I am a woman who designs for every woman. I don’t like categorizing people into size. I’m not focused on this however I am totally focused on bringing out the best in my customer.

Whether it is via a dress or an amazing scarf, my designs are an extension of what I think makes a woman feel gorgeous!

Any woman deserves to feel amazing in their clothing and my mission is to deliver that to my customer.

My aim is to change the thought process behind plus size fashion. I want to steer clear of the marketing of some labels and stores who cater for plus sizes. These size labels often emphasize ‘being big’ in the brand name as well as being named a ‘specialty’ store or brand. Lets work toward abolishing the stigma attached to being plus sized.

Fashion for women should be fun, all-inclusive and make every woman feel amazing. I want my designs to be available to all women of different shapes and sizes.

I bring over 15 years experience as a textile graphic designer in the fashion industry, over the many years I  have designed  ladieswear, childrenwear, menswear, sleepwear , accessories and more, always feeling like something was missing in the market...something that I wanted to be proud of.

For this reason, my brand, Lisa Kerr, is here!

My vision is do-away with categories & sizing to celebrate the female body no matter your size or shape! We are women after all! We have curves! This is natural! This is beautiful! Let’s embrace ourselves in our wholeness!

With this vision in mind, at Lisa Kerr Designs we have produced a range of quality garments and accessories that are designed to make you feel beautiful for whom you are, no matter what shape you are. We have removed the conformity of regular size ranges and are currently using unique sizing focusing our attention on flattering body ‘shape’ rather than the focusing on ‘size’.

Lisa Kerr Designs aims to embody you as a woman, not a number!

Lisa Kerr Designs is unique, beautiful and fabulous! Just like you xxx